The PIDIM Council

The PIDIM is governed by an elected Council consisting of members from all specializations and member categories.  It is the responsibility of the Council to govern and regulate according to the by-laws, regulations and legislation put forward by our members, province, and national organizations.

The Current 2017 Council Members:

President - Cindy Rodych

Vice President - Lindsay Nesbitt

Registrar - Lisa Duxbury

Treasurer - Jean Gallagher

NCIDQ Chair - Erika Sammons

Public Relations Representative - Priscilla Mah

Continuing Education Councilor - Tracy Dyck

PDP Representative - Ivy Bricker

Provisional Member Representative - Corrie Allan

Past President - Bruce Wardrope

University of Manitoba Liaison - Nancy Maruca

Manitoba IDC Representative - Karla Korman

University of Manitoba IDAS Student President - Christine Stochl

Lay Member - Emeka Nnadi

Lay Member - Ryan Morphy

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