Becoming a PIDIM Member

Applying for Membership:

When you are ready to apply for PIDIM membership, please be sure to include the following along with your application:

1) The General Membership Applicaiton or Student Application - whichever is appropriate for you.

2) Proof of Insurance

3) Proof of Education

4) Web Consent form

5) NCIDQ Certificate (if applicable)

Upon confirmation of membership the PIDIM office will invoice the outstanding membership dues for the balance of the calendar year.

Please feel free to contact our Registrar with any of your membership questions.

Application Forms

a) General Membership Application (PDF)
b) Student Application (PDF)
c) Website Consent (PDF)


The PIDIM requires that all Provisional and Professional Members carry Errors & Omissions Liability Insurance. The Interior Designers of Canada have brokered a national agreement with LMS ProLink for a group rate available to all member provinces. For more information, please contact:

Kathy Pinheiro 
Account Manager, Commercial Insurance LMS PROLINK
480 University Avenue, Suite 800 Toronto, ON. M5G 1V2

Direct: 416.644.7719 | Toll Free: 800.663.6828 | Fax: 416.595.1649

If you are covered by a policy provided by your place of work, you must complete a Non-Participation Form and return it to LMS ProLink.

Membership Fee Schedule

Membership CategoryPayment PeriodsDues
Professional January 1 to December 31
April 1 to December 31
July 1 to December 31
October 1 to December31

$604.50 + GST
$453.45 + GST
$302.30 + GST
$151.15 + GST

Provisional January 1 to December 31
April 1 to December 31
July 1 to December 31
October 1 to December31

$331.26 + GST
$248.45 + GST
$165.63 + GST
  $82.82 + GST

Associate Non-practicing January 1 to December 31 $165.63 + GST
Associate Out of Province January 1 to December 31 $165.63 + GST
Student January 1 to December 31   $23.81 + GST
  1. Prorated membership dues are available only for categories indicated; applicable to new applicants only.
  2. Interior Designers of Canada (IDC) annual dues are included in the PIDIM dues for Professional and Provisional Members.  Increases in IDC fees are not within the control of the PIDIM.  Any increases by IDC will be automatically added to PIDIM fees.
  3. Annual dues shall be paid by December 31st of the current year for renewals applicable to the following calendar year. Failure to do so may result in termination of the PIDIM membership
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