2019 Commerce Design Winnipeg Grand Prize Awards

Posted by: Stephen Lamoureux 3 years, 3 months ago


Congratulations to Shelly Slobodzian of Environmental Space Planning and Renee Struthers of Ola Hiraeth for their Grand Prize wins at the 2019 Commerce Design Winnipeg Awards.

Shelly and the ESP team received their award for the design of Patent 5 Distillery located at 108 Alexander Avenue in the East Exchange.  Patent 5 features an artfully designed fourteen-foot-tall, hand-made copper still and column in the still house. The heritage tasting room was designed to preserve the wood, the chandeliers and stained glass that was hand crafted in the early 1900’s and once lined the walls of the famous Oak Room.

Renee was a double winner for her designs of The Little Sister Coffee Maker and June Home SupplyThe Little Sister Coffee Maker located at 539 Osborne Street takes design inspiration from the original location on River Avenue.  The homegrown company places a strong emphasis on quality in every aspect of the business including the interior space!    At June Home Supply, located at 250 Kennedy Street, the Client philosophy is quite simple, "we love beautiful and functional pieces that carry a timeless aesthetic. We believe that your living space should be a source of inspiration, a place where you’re surrounded with home and lifestyle wares that elevate the everyday".   The interior design emphasizes this philosophy.  This is the second year that Renee and Studio Hiraeth has won aCommerce Design Winnipeg Award.

The final award was presented to Fireside Design Build for their work at Harth Mozza & Wine Bar.

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