2022 masi Design Awards

Posted by: Lee van der Veen 4 months ago


The Professional Interior Designers Institute of Manitoba (The PIDIM), Interior Designers of Alberta (IDA), and Interior Designers Association of Saskatchewan (IDAS) invite our Registered and Professional members to participate in the 2022 masi design awards! These past few years have shown just how resilient our membership is and the masi design awards committee, more than ever, wants to provide a positive platform for design and our community. 

The Interior Designers of Saskatchewan will be hosting/organizing this year's awards with the masi design awards being presented on October 2, 2022 in Saskatoon.

Please complete the attached forms and submit them along with your project files to idasadmin@idas.ca

All submissions* require a Registered / Associate member of the Interior Designers of Alberta (IDA), a Registered Member of the Interior Designers Association of Saskatchewan (IDAS), or a Professional Member of The Professional Interior Designers Institute of Manitoba (The PIDIM) to be listed as the project lead.

The Early Bird Deadline is June 03, 2022, with the Final Submission Deadline being July 15, 2022. All documents must receive an entry code so submit the Entry Form as soon as possible so you have time to complete the full submission before the appointed deadlines.

Let's celebrate Interior Design and all of the amazing work that has been completed by the members of the IDA, IDAS, and The PIDIM!

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