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Western Living Magazine - 2018 Designer of the Year

Posted by: Stephen Lamoureux 4 years, 5 months ago

For over a decade, Western Living magazine, Canada’s largest regional homes and design magazine, has celebrated the best and brightest in Western Canadian design with its Designers of the Year Awards.

Mandatory Building Energy Labelling

Posted by: Stephen Lamoureux 4 years, 5 months ago

Mandatory building energy labelling is coming. What should we be doing to prepare?

Improving building energy performance is a key part of addressing climate change. The federal government has identified building energy labelling as a way to make building energy performance more visible and to move the market toward efficiency. They have signalled a move to make such labelling mandatory.

Some provinces and cities are already taking this on. Edmonton is one of the cities. They are leading the way with their Building Energy Benchmarking Program for big buildings and their Residential Labelling Program for homes.

About the presenter
Mike Mellross is a Program Manager in the Energy Transition Unit of the City of Edmonton. He will tell us about Edmonton’s experience and plans for the future. He will also provide insight into the directions this is taking across the country and what we should expect to see coming our way.

Date: March 29, 2018
Location: Manitoba Hydro, 360 Portage Ave. 
Time: 12 p.m. to 1 p.m. 
Cost: $30
Delicious lunch included! 

We look forward to seeing you!

2018 Prairie Design Awards

Posted by: Stephen Lamoureux 4 years, 5 months ago

Recognizing excellence in the field

Every two years, The Alberta Association of Architects, The Saskatchewan Association of Architects and The Manitoba Association of Architects celebrate those setting new standards of creativity and skill in architecture, interior design and landscape architecture. This tri-provincial collaboration has been recognizing design excellence in the prairies since its inauguration in 2000.

IES Winnipeg Chapter March Luncheon

Posted by: Stephen Lamoureux 4 years, 5 months ago

Embracing Urban Night Scape Through Light
World populations are more and more moving to urban areas, making cities population density larger than ever before. There are questions about what urbanization means, how prepared cities are because despite this increasing growth we are not using our urban environment to its full potential. Once offices/businesses close for the evening, level of activities in urban centers drop. The design of nighttime environments that instill feelings of safety, fear, and enjoyment which is critical; importance to economic and cultural vitality of urban centers around the world. Thinking about quality urban lighting is broadly recognized in Europe and big Asian cities for decades but has only recently been addressed in North America. The conventional idea of sustainable urban lighting is based just on economic and environmental-technical approach. Because lighting is mainly for people, urban lighting should be focused on the human experiences with a qualitative social engaging role. With appropriate consideration, quality lighting design can positively impact our cities’ ‘total architecture’, reinforcing urban design principles, enhancing cultural experiences and encouraging social interaction.

Presented by: Melody Culanag  Co-Founder of  architectural lighting design firm,  "I'm Light"
"Melody Culanag has both an Engineering and Interior Design background. Her passion in lighting began in Singapore doing commercial, industrial, academic, residential and hospitality projects. Melody has a total of 10 years’ experience in the Lighting industry and has completed a Masters Degree in Architectural Lighting Design and Design Management with Distinction from internationally-renowned Lighting Design School, Hochschule Wismar/Wismar University in Germany.
Melody recently co-founded an Architectural Lighting Design firm called I’M LIGHT. I’M LIGHT creates and enhances the experiences in the visual environment through “LIGHT”. They will take their passion, education and experience in lighting to tackle complex issues in relationship to light- people-environment through strategic and innovative thinking.
Most recently, Melody, together with 4 other lighting designers, were shortlisted out of 85 entries in the PLDC’s 2017 International Future Urban Lighting Design Competition in Paris, France."

Victoria Inn Winnipeg
1808 Wellington Avenue
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R3H 0G3 

March.22nd 2018  11:30am to 1:30pm

IES Members          $30
All other Attendees  $35

For access to ticket purchasing using Eventbrite, please follow the link:

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Lighting Control Innovation, sponsored by the Lighting Controls Association
Advanced lighting control solutions can provide significant energy savings, flexibility and other benefits in buildings. This prestigious award recognizes good lighting projects that exemplify the effective use of lighting controls in nonresidential applications.

Interior Lighting Design, sponsored by Edwin Guth
This award recognizes exceptional interior lighting projects that balance the functional illumination of space with the artistic application of light to enhance the occupant’s experience.

Outdoor Lighting Design, sponsored by Eaton
The Outdoor Lighting Design Award recognizes excellence in lighting design and application in all aspects of exterior lighting. The program celebrates achievements in aesthetics, applied technical acumen, creative solutions to demanding site conditions and advancements to the industry in outdoor lighting applications. The goal of the program is to further the understanding, knowledge and function of outdoor lighting as a critical aspect of the built environment.

Energy and Environmental Lighting Design, sponsored by Osram Sylvania
The Energy and Environmental Lighting Design Award recognizes quality lighting installations in commercial and industrial buildings that incorporate advanced energy-saving strategies and environmentally responsible solutions into the overall design.

CIDQ Call for Volunteers

Posted by: Stephen Lamoureux 4 years, 6 months ago

2018 CIDQ Call for Volunteers 

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