Indigenous Housing Canada 2017 - IDEAS COMPETITION

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To raise awareness of Indigenous Housing in Canada and improve opportunities available to design, deliver and maintain housing for remote access Indigenous Canadians.

There are over 600 Indigenous Communities in Canada with over 60 ethnic groups located in diverse landscapes, many with remote access. Current housing is provided by Indigenous Communities or with funding from Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation and Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada. Housing demand can exceed supply causing overcrowding.

The location may be any remote access Indigenous Community in Canada not served by year-round all weather roads. Transportation to communities is currently limited to air, sea lift or temporary winter road during February and March. Winter road width restriction at bridges is 4.9 metres.

The design may be focused on one aspect of housing or comprehensive in its approach by addressing one or up to six design portals and optional keywords identified below:

  • VISION – Overall objective, processes how it will be achieved
  • PLACE – Response to climate, bioregion, geology, history, development
  • SUSTAINABILITY – Use of local materials, labour and energy
  • COMMUNITY – Community, culture and family
  • GROWTH – Flexibility to adapt for or accommodate growth
  • FUNDING – Alternative funding arrangements, partnerships, volunteerism, owner participation

Submissions should identify their documents by a four-digit Submission Identifier comprised of two numbers and two alpha letters in any order. Submissions will be identified by Submission Identifier only for review. The jury will review all projects for the quality and depth of their proposal based on Design Portals identified. Ten projects will be selected for detailed review. The ten selected projects will undergo further review and ranked in order. The jury will deliberate as a group to declare winners. Winning teams will only be identified by name to jury members after final winners have been determined.

The jury will be selected to represent a broad range of viewpoints and expertise. Most jury members are Indigenous. Winning Teams will be notified and asked to present their design at designated media events.

This call for entries is open to designers and non-designers. Multi-disciplinary teams are encouraged.

Entries must be sent electronically as two separate PDF files not exceeding 5 MB each. Entries must contain the following documents, written in English, in this order.

TEAM INFORMATION – Four-page maximum, 8.5”x11” or A4, font minimum 10 point

  • Name of the project followed by your unique Submission Identifier which must appear on each Design Submission Sheet
  • Design team member names with brief CV
  • Name of contact person and contact information
  • A description of team strengths
  • Team information will not be provided to the jury until final selection of winners has been made.

DESIGN SUBMISSION – Two pages maximum, 11 “x 17” or A3

  • Page One and Two, Project Summary including Submission Identifier
  • Identify Design Portals addressed. Drawings, images and text minimum 10 point describing the project.

Submit your design proposal to

The deadline to submit proposals electronically is Tuesday November 14, 2017, 2:00pm CST.

Proposals may be presented as part of an online exhibition. Entrants authorize Architects Without Borders Canada to make public and display their proposals.


The three winning designs will be awarded the following honoraria in Canadian funds:

  • First Prize - $5,000
  • Second Prize - $3,000
  • Third Prize - $2,000


November 14, 2017, 2:00pm CST Deadline for Submissions
February 8, 2018 Winners announced


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Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC)

Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation




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