MDE Catch Up on CEU Sessions

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The PIDIM MDE Catch up on CEU Sessions

The PIDIM annually holds a full CEU day for members to catch up on their Professional Development requirements.  Please see this years offerings!

Session #1 - Activity Based Design for the Modern Workplace
by Jennifer Busch
8:45am  - 9:45am


Our lives have been affected by a renewed interest in wellness.  We have modified our thinking and our behaviors to be more focused on health and well-being.  Strangely, this rethinking is just starting to permeate the office...  where many of us spend most of our waking hours.  What if our workplaces supported our well-being on multiple levels, and didn't just aim to be 'less bad' but were truly regenerative, healthy environments?  How do we, as an industry, design interior environments that support the physical and psychological well-being of the people who inhabit them?  Activity-based design is an important part of the answer.

Jennifer Busch provides more than 25 years of experience in the interiors industry. This includes highly visible roles with Contract Magazine for 21 years, specifically in her position as Editor in Chief. Most recently, Jennifer held the position of Vice President, A&D Market Development at Interface, a leading modular carpet manufacturer, where she developed and managed business relationships with major architecture and design firms throughout North America. Throughout her career, Jennifer has cultivated meaningful relationships with designers on all levels. She is actively involved in the design community, participating in speaking engagements as a moderator or as a featured speaker, organizing thought leadership conferences, hosting customer experience and networking events, and jurying numerous industry competitions. She also serves on the Advisory Boards of FIT Sustainable Interior Environments Master's Degree program, the Market Strategy Group for industry non- profit Public Architecture, and is a member of the In-Kind Committee for Design NYC.   
1.0 hr IDCEC CEU-106201-R1

Session #2 - Expanding Vistability, Inclusive Design and Practical Code Application to Design
by Brian Everton, Design For All Inc.
10:00am - 11:00am  
What is Visitability? What is new about gender inclusive washrooms? This presentation expands on practical design approach for inclusive design and accessibility that may be driven by code or Human Rights responsibility in design. An overview of what accessibility standards and codes apply depending on project will help designers understand which is important and which are 'red herrings.     
Brian Everton, a Professional Interior Designer who has also completed studies in industrial design and business management.   Brian has specialized in the areas of functional design for products and the built-environment with respect to the issues of disabilities, aging and universal design for over 30 years.  Following several years in the healthcare product design and manufacturing field, he was also instrumental in establishing a non-profit community consulting service with a specializing focus on the design needs for people with disabilities.  Design For All Inc. works, in collaboration with other professional designers, on a variety of projects that range in scale from single family dwellings, to major architectural developments like the Winnipeg Airport Redevelopment project and the Canadian Museum for Human Rights. 

Session #3 - Accessible Canada Act and Audio Visual Technologies
by Brian Agren, Inland Audio Visual 
11:15am - 12:15pm

The presentation will discuss the proposed Accessible Canada Act and how technologies can be used to fulfill the requirements laid out by the Federal Government.  The presentation will also cover the Provincial Accessibility for Manitobans Act.  During the presentation we will identify a variety of technologies made available to those seeking to make public spaces compliant and accessible to all, including those with disabilities.   
Brian Agren is Inland Audio Visual's National Sales Director, managing the Sales and Design teams.  Brian delivers his perspective gathered from fifteen years' experience in the audio-visual space, working with various levels of Design Build: Government, Commercial and Public sector clients.  Brian's Masters in Education and teaching experience provides additional insight into the education field is an asset within the integration community.  Brian has presented too many Architectural, Electrical Engineering and related Associations discussing emerging technologies and how such technologies can impact new builds or retrofit situations. 


Session #4 - Well-being and office furniture: through the WELL lens
by Luch Hart  
Well-being is recognized as a key ingredient for business productivity gains and healthcare cost reduction. The fact that we spend at least 90% of our lives indoors puts the focus squarely on the built environment and how it can nurture and sustain well-being. The WELL Building Standard has emerged as a vehicle to measure the contribution of the built environment to well-being. As you go about creating spaces to enhance well-being, what role can office furniture play? This course explores the multidimensionality of well-being and employee well-being, and how office furniture can contribute to projects pursuing WELL certification. 
Lucy Hart is a Canadian Certified Professional Ergonomist with over 30 years' experience guiding public and private organizations in the application of ergonomics to enhance employee health, well-being and productivity. As a WELL Accredited Professional, she is among a group of professionals who are advancing health and well being in buildings and communities through promoting healthy building practices. Lucy provides strategic guidance and technical leadership throughout the life cycle of office furniture. She also helps clients through educational activities and proactive advice on ergonomics issues in their workplaces. Lucy is the Chair of the CSA Z412 Office Ergonomics Technical Committee and the Chair of the BIFMA Ergonomics Subcommittee.
1.0 hr IDCEC CEU-108939 

Session #5 - DALE HENWOOD LECTURE  Sponsored by Global Furniture Group 
by Heidi Painchaud 
Interior Design is a cumulative science and art. The process we follow as designers is a step by step exploration leading to a conclusion, that if done correctly can transform both business and quality of life. Our careers are also a sum of experiences and lessons that begins the day we graduate. I will be sharing an overview of a healthy client process and my biggest lessons learned along the way.  

Heidi Painchaud is a University of Manitoba BID graduate from 1994.  She has had extensive experience in LA, Calgary and Toronto, where she currently is a Partner at IN Design Studio.  Her experience ranges from small to large commercial interiors, select residential, retail, large integrated mixed use commercial developments, spa facilities, medical offices, hospitals, government office, as well as sports and entertainment facilities. In addition to her involvement with the Dupont advisory council - a future think tank of chosen industry professionals - Heidi co-authored a future-proofing workshop seminar entitled Design Changes Peoples' Lives, and has spoken extensively on design, process, and the business of design. Heidi's work has been featured in such publications as Business Week, Time, Interior Design, Azure and Canadian Interiors. She has her own furniture line that has been in production since 2002.
  Heidi has also served on the ARIDO Board. Finally Heidi also has written a book on Designing Your Business: Professional Practices for Interior Designers geared towards Interior Designers starting their own firms.
1.0 hr PIDIM CEU  


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