Section 9.36 Energy Efficiency in Housing and Small Buildings

Posted by: Julie Piazzoni 6 years, 2 months ago


On April 1, 2016, Section 9.36 Energy Efficiency in Housing and Small Buildings came into force. 

Click on the links here for the Code (this is a free download) as well as the MB Amendment.

What this means for your permit?  Whether your Part 9 project is new construction, an addition or renovation Section 9.36 or the Manitoba Energy Code for Buildings (MECB) apply.

Section 9.36 now requires you to calculate the thermal resistance (effective RSI) of your wall, attic and floor assemblies and many permitting authorities are now requiring that this information be calculated via excel spreadsheet and handed in with your drawings at permit application.
As is the case with any new amendment, there is some confusion amongst the different authorities having jurisdiction and the Profession.   In some cases, the Planning and Permits office has denied permits until this paperwork is in place.  Many of the home builders and other related trades have been scrambling to get this information together for their projects.
Red River College, through Tammy Harper (Program Coordinator // Technology Solutions for the Workplace) has put together a course that addresses the amendment and assists in the calculation of the RSI.  The PIDIM has one
member who has taken this course and the feedback is that the process is not that easy to complete the calculation.

The next scheduled time for this course is not until October 2016.

Manitoba Building Code Courses #2 and Manitoba Building Code Courses #1

That being said, if the PIDIM can get enough interest RRC will offer the course specifically for PIDIM members before October.  Please contact Julie at the PIDIM office if you are interested in a Section 9.36 or MECB course and we will create a list.

Additionally, if you wish to sign up for Technology Solutions for the Workplaces' monthly newsletter to be advised of upcoming courses click here.  

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