The Council of Interior Design Regulation Authorities of Canada (CIDRAC)

Posted by: Stephen Lamoureux 1 year, 3 months ago


The PIDIM is now a member of CIDRAC

The Council of Interior Design Regulation Authorities of Canada (CIDRAC) is composed of the nine provincial regulatory bodies across Canada, who set the professional standards for the profession and determine who meets the established qualifications in each jurisdiction.

These provincial bodies individually regulate the practice of interior design in the interest of protecting the public. As provincial authorities, the members of CIDRAC see value in a cohesive approach in the setting of professional standards across Canada and elevating the profession of interior design.

CIDRAC members will meet regularly to cooperate on regulatory matters of mutual interest and concerns.

CIDRAC will focus on regulatory matters such as:

  • Education, Experience and Examination requirements;
  • Review of interior design competencies to ensure relevancy;
  • Reciprocity agreement between the members of CIDRAC and the provincial jurisdictions;
  • Regulation of the title or practice of interior design;
  • Ongoing requirements such as professional development and liability insurance;
  • Setting of professional standards and enforcement;
  • Lobbying provincial and federal government on sound public policy;
  • Regulatory advocacy that builds awareness around the minimum qualifications in Canada and regulation that exists;
  • Programming that promotes and elevates the profession of interior design in Canada;
  • Best practices related to, but not limited to, administrative, regulatory and governance matters.

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