Sector Specializations


Commercial / Office Design

Commercial design encompasses the design and planning of business environments for small business, large offices and corporate headquarters.  Function and spatial planning is the key to a well-planned space that works for both the operation of the office as well as the comfort of its staff.  It is about creating an environment that reinforces the company’s image, culture and brand.

Education / Institutional

Institutional design comprises designing spaces for religious, correctional and recreational facilities, courts, auditoriums, museums, fire and police stations, airports and other transportation terminals.

Hospitality / Entertainment

Hospitality design focuses on spaces that promotes and enhances reception and entertainment of guests in public places such as restaurants, bars, lounges, hotels, golf facilities, clubs and lodges, resorts, cruise ships, airplanes, convention and conference facilities.  Designers play a significant role in setting the mood and atmosphere in these types of establishments while still taking into consideration the function of the space.


Healthcare projects include hospitals, medical clinics, surgical and examination rooms, nursing homes, assisted living and long-term care facilities and physicians office spaces.  Interior Designers develop environments conducive to the healing, comfort, safety and welfare of the patients as well as the optimal functioning for staff and equipment.

Multi-family Design

Multi-Family projects involve the design of spaces that house several occupants such as apartments, duplexes, and condominium complexes.  It includes the design of both private spaces and shared public spaces, with an emphasis on privacy, durability of materials, longevity of the design style while appealing to the occupants, guests and future resale value. 

Residential Design

Residential Interior Design is the art or process of designing personal spaces for our client’s homes, condominiums or cottages.  It may involve the redesign of a single room or an entire re-design whether it be a renovation or a new build.  The process is a collaboration that takes into consideration the owner’s lifestyle, design preferences, personal taste and functional needs.  As the process can be very personal, it is important to choose a designer or firm that aligns with your style and comfort level.

Retail Design

Retail projects can be shopping malls, department stores, boutique stores, showrooms, supermarkets and kiosk spaces.  Creativity, Branding, visual merchandising, technology and current design trends all play key roles in creating spaces that are attractive, engaging and memorable to the customer.

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